If you like decorating for holidays, I’ve got a tip that will save you a ton of money and let you pick up new items every year. Shop for your holiday decorations at thrift stores.

I know, many of you think of thrift stores as just for poor people. I challenge you to instead think of thrift stores as a way to be eco-friendly, charitable and support your community’s economy.

Shopping for gently used items is a way to live the concept reduce, reuse and recycle. When you purchase items at a thrift store, especially items you might not have bought otherwise at all, you also support a charity and the economy while being financially responsible.

And you end up with a beautifully decorated home!

Shopping Thrift Stores for Holiday Decor | Future ExpatPhoto credit

You can purchase holiday decorations all year long at thrift stores. You’ll find the largest selection for Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day, but thrift store merchandise comes from donations, so you can often find items for other holidays too.

You’ll get the best selection if you shop a few months before the holiday, but most stores don’t have the storage space to save items and will put out the holiday decorations as soon as they arrive. Shop often and you’ll find all kinds of gems.

You could pick up cheap holiday decorations at dollar stores and discount stores to decorate your home, but you’ll be buying cheap quality items. By shopping at thrift stores, you can often find high quality merchandise that looks brand new.

Shopping Thrift Stores for Holiday Decor | Future Expat Shopping Thrift Stores for Holiday Decor | Future Expat

Giving cookies as gifts?

Thrift stores always have a large selection of cookie tins. My store sells them for $1 each.

Shopping Thrift Stores for Holiday Decor | Future Expat

Do you shop for holiday decor at thrift stores?

If so, share with us your favorite purchases.