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On my trip this weekend to Indianapolis, I was explaining to my traveling companion my dreams of becoming an expat. While we were talking, I starting thinking about how reading blogs from other expats turned a passing wish into a true goal for me.

If you think living outside of your country sounds appealing, you should read what it’s really like from people who are living an expat life.

Karen’s List of Expat Blogs:

In no particular order…

San Pedro Scoop: An Expat’s Daily Blog in Belize

This blog was one I discovered just before my trip to Belize. The information was really helpful for the trip. I loved San Pedro and actually can imagine living there…if I can get used to the mosquitoes…so I’ve been keeping tabs with this blog via Facebook.

The Youngest Snowbird

I recently discovered this blog. I think what appeals to me is that this couple is actually living from a RV, traveling from Canada to South America and back…staying as long as they want in each place. The other thing that really impressed me is that this couple quit their good jobs in their 30s to live a nomadic life.

Thrilling Heroics

This blogger moved to Thailand in his 20s and created his own independent location business. He offers a lot of great insights into living as a young entrepreneurial expat in Asia and running a consulting business internationally.

Meet Plan Go

This was one of the first expat sites I found. The focus of this website is on taking a career break rather than becoming a long term or permanent expat. This site offers a ton of information on how to plan for the trip, how to approach your employer, how to live cheaply and how to reintegrate back into life after the trip.

Expats Blog: An Experience Shared

I actually just found this blog and haven’t had time to explore it very much. This website features blog posts from bloggers all over the world. The blogs are hand picked for quality and the website offers a blog directory by country of residence.

Do you read expat blogs?

Share your favorite blogs that aren’t on this list with us in the comments below.