This spring, I plan to grow a herb garden.

When I lived in my first 2 houses, I grew herbs most summers.

Then I moved to a condo and had no place to grow anything. I did have a deck with sunlight, but I know my limits and there was no way that I would have kept anything alive on the deck off of my bedroom. With very little shade and me too lazy to water every day, it would be like trying to grow herbs in a dessert.

In the past I have grown basil, oregano, thyme, dill, parsley, cilantro, mint and rosemary. I’ve had a hard time keeping dill alive, but the rest grew abundantly.

With plans for a herb and possibly vegetable garden this year, I’ve been watching Pinterest for garden tips.

Today, I found a pin that led me to a website that clearly had stolen the image. Before pinning it to my garden board, I wanted to find the original source of the image to give the blogger credit. In my Chrome browser, I did a right click over the image and then choose search google for this image.

Image Search - Planning for your Herb Garden | Future Expat

It didn’t take long to find the blogger who created the garden tip illustrations. After exploring the website more, I found so many more tidbits, all shared to my Pinterest account and giving credit to the real author.

If you are on Pinterest, please check the links before you pin to your boards and make sure you are sending people to the right website.

Garden Tips from Illustrated Bites:

I hope you find these drawings as helpful as I do in planning an herb garden, or deciding what herbs to use in your cooking.