Fall bulb giveaway prize

I have a game I play with myself to see how long I can go between grocery shopping trips.

I started my Clean Out the Pantry Game a few years ago when I realized that I kept going to the grocery store and buying more of the stuff I eat all the time, while I had things in my pantry that I never seemed to use. Keep in mind that I live by myself, so every single thing in my pantry is something I thought I wanted to eat when I bought it, but it just never makes the top of the list for what I feel like at the moment.

My pantry game goes like this.

When I realize that I’m starting to get low on things and I really should go to the grocery, I sometimes decide to purposely wait in an effort to use up the odd things that have been in the pantry for a long time.

I start searching online for creative ways to use these ingredients without going shopping.

Sometimes I will allow myself a minor shopping trip to pick up eggs or onions or pasta so I can keep the game going for longer.

Stocked pantry with door shelving

I’m at that point now. My shelves are almost bare of the essentials to complete a meal. I know my pantry doesn’t look empty, but almost everything are stock items like spices, oil, vinegar, flour, oatmeal and such.

And yes, I know I need to take out the trash and recycling.

Help Me Use Up My Odds & Ends:

I need your help in coming up with creative ways to use up the odds and ends in my pantry. Don’t worry about if I’ll have all of the ingredients, I’m willing to go out and buy them in my next shopping trip.

Karen's pantry items giveaway game

This picture shows almost everything in my pantry that isn’t what I consider pantry basics.

Frozen fish, fruit and black eye peas

My freezer is even more empty. All I have in it is some frozen fish, fruit and black eyed peas. Plus some frozen hamburger buns and garlic that I didn’t pull out for the picture.

Refrigerator groceries

Normally I would keep my game going without going to the store, but it’s almost impossible for me to cook without eggs, and I used up the last one last night. Other than my condiments, some leftover chicken salad and baked beans, this is ALL that was in my fridge.

Save 50% off Fall Bulbs:

Help me find a new way to use up at least one of the food items below and I’ll send you the coupon code I received at the BlogHer ’13 conference to save 50% off fall planted bulbs at Longfield Gardens.

Fall bulb giveaway - Longfield Gardens

Discount codes for 50% off fall planted, spring blooming bulbs good through 12/31/13

Not a gardener?

I’d still love your recipe suggestions to help me clean out my pantry!