I’m moving.

I’ve been thinking about it for a few years now, but was having a hard time justifying making the move since I really do love my house and it has everything I need. Actually, it has more than I need. I find myself spending all of my time in the open kitchen/dining/living room space. But I never use the dining room. I never use the spare bedrooms, office or finished basement family room. I rarely sit on the patio and pay someone to take care of the yard.

I like the idea of a smaller home and a smaller mortgage. I like the idea of a condo that I could lock up & go if the opportunity to live abroad ever opens up. I really like the idea of living in the Central West End where I would spend more of my time at coffee houses and cafes.

So I’m moving.

For the first time in 14 years, I won’t have a basement to store the extra stuff that I never use. With fewer rooms and kitchen cabinets, I have some excess items that I don’t need anymore.

Craigslist to the Rescue:

I’ve sold some things on craigslist before so I turned to craigslist to advertise my garage sales and furniture. I’m down to 1 week before I move out, and most of the things I’m not keeping have been sold or donated. I have a few things left I need to sell…most are too big to put in my car to take to the NCJW Resale Shop so they need to find a buyer fast.

I just dropped the price on the latest round of craigslist ads. If you know anyone who could use these things, please pass on this post.

Entertainment Center- SOLD!!!

This entertainment center is in great condition. It was purchased from Carol House and is solid wood. The glass doors at the bottom slide to the sides for access to the media equipment in the media, or to the center when you are entertaining and want to hide the equipment and show off your decor. The TV in it in the picture is a 42″. Not sure if it would hold something bigger or not since I didn’t want anything bigger and didn’t measure to check.

Priced at $150

Black Chair & Ottoman – SOLD!!!

This chair and ottoman set was purchased from a top quality store – Sofa & Chair Company. The set was custom made with an upgraded feature added …the back pillow of the chair is filled with down to make it extra soft while still being firm enough for a chair. The black material has a pattern in it so which adds to the style and durability. It has never been a chair that got everyday use since I live alone and tend to hang out on the couch. Lately it’s been in my reading nook and is the place I got with a book and a cup of coffee.

Priced at $100

Red Upholstered Chair – SOLD!!!

This chair isn’t a bright red. It’s somewhere between a dark red and a washed out burgundy color. I recently had it in my bedroom next to the bed with a burgundy comforter set and it went really well. The chair is in like-new condition, and is comfortable for people big and small. It’s always been the chair the visitors grab first when I’m entertaining.

Priced at $100

Maple Dining Room Server/Buffet – SOLD!!!

This solid wood maple buffet is absolutely perfect for a smaller dining room and entertaining. The bottom area provides plenty of extra storage, and the top with open shelf is perfect for when the guests come over. While I normally keep a decorative plate on the open shelf, I’ve used this area for paper plates and silverware when serving guests.

Not a single scratch on it either!

Priced at $65

Custom Contemporary Barstools – SOLD!!!

These 2 barstools were custom ordered at Amini just a couple of years ago, and have never been used as everyday seating. Actually, I have never eaten sitting at the breakfast bar. But since I had one, it looked silly without barstools so I bought these. I wanted some chairs with back support that didn’t block the view into the kitchen. These chairs were perfect. The low metal back is extremely comfortable while also adding style to your kitchen.

These barstools are 26″ high and designed for a counter height bar. They are black wrought iron metal with a plush beige cushion.

In like-new condition, these are a steal!

Priced at $50 for the pair

Black Glossy Bookcase – SOLD!!!

This bookcase is a shiny black material that would go well with contemporary decor. It was originally purchased from Bova Furniture as part of a custom order entertainment center. This bookcase was the right side support that held 3 shelves for the TV and media equipment, so there are a few holes on the outside on the left side. If you had this near a wall on the left, you wouldn’t see the holes. Or put it in a closet like I did to help you organize without paying for a closet system.

The shelves are adjustable and the back is cardboard that is nailed on, so it can accommodate cords if you want to store anything electronic on it.

There are a couple of scratches, but it is in very good condition otherwise.

Priced at $30

Crystal Glasses – 35 piece set – SOLD!!!

These crystal glasses were my grandmothers. They are old, not sure how old…but at least 45 years old. Probably a lot older.

They are in perfect condition…not a chip on them. The set includes 11 water goblets, 12 wine glasses and 12 fruit/dessert glasses.

Priced at $40

Shoe Racks – SOLD!!!

These shoe racks are really wonderful. They stack securely together or you can separate them if you don’t have space to stack them high. Each rack is almost 1 ft tall, so together they are about 34″ high. They hold 5 pairs of shoes on each shelf easily.

They could also be used for a lot of other things. Toys, collectables, tools, arts & crafts. Anything that isn’t too tall but you want everything visible.

Priced at $10 for all 3

Saw Horses – SOLD!!!

My grandpa made these sawhorses and they have been used for tons of construction projects over the years. They are also great for things like making a temporary table at a garage sale like I did this week. They stack together for easy storage.

Priced at $10 for the set