Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups Recipe

One of my favorite appetizers is one my Mom made when I was a little child.

These Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups are always a big hit with everyone…there’s something about bacon and warm melty cream cheese that just can’t be beat.

It can’t be easier. All you need is 3 ingredients – sandwich bread, cream cheese and bacon, plus wood toothpicks to hold it together.

Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups


Take a look at my directions via pictures. Then scroll to the bottom to see a printable recipe with nutritional information.

Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups - bread and cream cheese

My Mom always made this with white sandwich bread. Then again, it was the 1970s and that’s all we ever ate. While I almost always eat wheat bread now, I still buy a loaf of white bread for this recipe.

Buy square shaped bread…nothing fancy.

Cut the crust off of the bread, then spread your cream cheese in a thin layer on the bread, being careful not to tear the bread. I like using Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese, which is actually Neufchatel cheese, because it spreads really easily. If you use the regular cream cheese, then you’ll want to leave it out for a while or give it a few seconds in the microwave to get it soft but not runny.

Once you’ve spread the cream cheese, cut each slice of bread into 3 strips.

Cooking bacon

Next you need to fry the bacon. Cut eat strip of bacon in half, then place it in a hot skillet.

You want to cook it up a bit, but not so much that it will crack when you bend it. When it starts curling up a bit like you seen in the picture above, flip it over and let it cook on the second side.

Cooked bacon for Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

Drain the bacon on a paper towel to get rid of the excess grease. As you can see from this picture, the bacon is fully cooked but not what you would call crispy.

Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups with toothbpicks

Roll up a strip of cream cheese covered bread, then wrap a piece of bacon around the outside of the roll and secure it with a toothpick. You’re going to heat these up in the oven, so be sure to use wood toothpicks.

Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups ready for the oven

When it’s time for your party, place the Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups on a jelly roll or cookie sheet and pop them into an oven preheated to 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Be sure to keep an eye on them…as soon as you see the edges of the bread is getting brown, they are ready to serve!

You can also freeze the roll-ups before the last step. When you are ready to serve, either thaw them first and heat for about 20 minutes, or stick them in the oven frozen and give them about 30 minutes.

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