July 7c - Tamarindo & Pacific ocean - sunset

Costa Rico Vacation

Welcome to my newest blogging adventure.

Here’s a quick introduction about who I am and what I currently intend this blog to become (no promises it won’t evolve over time!).

Who is Karen?

My blogging adventures started when I left the security of the real estate brokerage in St. Louis, MO where I had started my career and worked for 6 years. This brokerage gave me all of the clients that I could handle, and helped me ease from my prior secure job with a guaranteed paycheck and health insurance into the world of no benefits and 100% commission.

When it was time to move on and take off the training wheels, meaning I would have to find clients on my own if I planned to pay my mortgage, I knew I needed a website. It didn’t take long for me to buy into the benefits of blogging as a way to get traffic to my new website, and a blogger was born.

Since then, I’ve started a few blogs and even taught classes on blogging at my real estate office and community training events.

All of my blogs were either designed to help my real estate business or a charity where I volunteered.

I’ve never had a personal blog, and there were times that I had things I wanted to write about but there simply wasn’t a blog where the topic would fit. That was especially true when I decided to blog about my vacations. I ended up posting the trips on a local community blog and called the series UCity Homes on Vacation.

I’m in the process of converting that site to a more static website since I know that there is no way I can post regularly to 3 sites and the other site is the one that really pays the bills. I’ll be reposting all of the vacation entries here in the next few weeks to get this site started.

Why Call this Site Future Expat?

For years I’ve been saying that my biggest dream is to see the world, one trip at a time. In recent years, the dream has evolved into finding a way to become an expat and live as a local outside of the U.S. at some point. I’m not sure when or how or where, but this blog is a first step in making it happen.

At some point I hope to transition my business blogging and social media experience into a paying gig that will help fund my dreams.

I plan to start small, taking on a client or 3 as a consultant. So if you know of anyone who needs help with marketing their business via blogging, email newsletters and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+…), give me a shout or share this site with them.

What Will You Find at Future Expat?

Probably a little bit of everything.

At this point, I’m only taking a few trips a year, so you’ll be hearing about my explorations wherever I go. Much of that will be in St. Louis or Missouri, since that’s where I live now. When I do travel, you’ll get a play-by-play of the planning and the trip. I’ll also be posting pictures and info from my past trips, many pre-digital so you’ll have to live with scanned in photos.

While we can’t all get out and see every corner of the world, we CAN live vicariously through each others explorations. I hope you’ll enjoy mine.