UPDATE: After announcing that I was going to do the Project 365 and posting this one post here, and a number of pictures to Facebook, I realized that I’m not so good at doing anything every single day. Rather than forcing myself to be something I’m not, I’ve decided to abandon this project and instead focus on putting out quality content on this blog on a regular basis.

I love taking pictures and sharing them.

I’m not a photography geek with a fancy camera and I don’t use Photoshop to perfect my images. Most of my pictures get absolutely no editing. A few get cropped or the red eyes zapped.

For me, taking pictures is about sharing the experiences I’m having. I want you to see what I’m seeing.

The concept of the 365 Daily Photo Project is that you commit to taking and sharing one picture a day for the project. You can have a theme or mix it up. Inspired by my friend Janice Person, I decided to join her…a week late…but better late than never.

While I’ll be taking more than one picture most days, only one picture will be adding to the 365 Project collection. The picture will be something that inspired me, shows of what I was doing that day or something currently going on in my life. Sometimes it will be a big thing in my life. Sometimes it will just be something pretty I saw. You’ll probably see lots of pictures of my new dog Milo, my home renovation, food and life as a real estate agent. And everything else that fills my days.

You can follow the pictures here in a weekly wrap up or daily on Facebook in my 365 Photo Project Album.

The pictures from this last week are random since I didn’t decide to do this until today. Luckily I was taking pictures a lot this week so can have an (almost) complete year.

January 1:

365 Project: 1/1/2013 - Stormy Day Breakfast Bread Pudding


I love cooking and I love breakfast food. And I love bread pudding. I started off New Year’s Day by baking my Stormy Day Breakfast Bread Pudding. Yum!

January 2:

Sadly…I apparently didn’t take any pictures the 2nd day of this year. Hopefully it will be the only time this happens in 2013.

January 3:

365 Project: 1/3/2013 Kitchen renovation

I moved into my new condo in October with plans to update the kitchen. I’m keeping the kitchen cabinets but that’s about it. January 3 was spent with contractors tearing apart the kitchen, and this is what was left at the end of the day.

January 4:

365 Project: 1/4/2013 Milo before his first groomer visit


I adopted Milo from a rescue group on December 28. He is about 2 years old and has quickly stolen my heart. The rescue group did a home shave down to get rid of the matted fur but Milo was still badly in need of a professional grooming since the haircut was uneven and left a lot of mats on his ears and face. This shot was taken just before we got out of the car and headed into Wolfgang’s for his first real grooming.

January 5:

365 Project: 1/5/2013 Birthday brunch at Plush


I celebrated my birthday with friends. I started the day by going to brunch at Plush with Dave, Doug, Mary, Don (and his wife…eee-gads I can’t remember her name!) and Richard. After we ate, we got a personal tour from Richard who works there. He took us up to the private party area and we got a good look at the open shower and bathroom…I can only imagine the parties they have here!

January 6:

365 Project: 1/6/2013 Cheesecake Factory 1st Sunday Brunch

On New Year’s Day 2009, a few of my twitter friends and I decided on the spur of the moment to go to Sunday brunch on the next day at Crooked Tree Coffee House in St. Charles. The next year someone piped up and said we should do it again…1st Sunday of the year…and a tradition was born. This year we decided that we were fed up with Crooked Tree’s bad service and just average food, and we opted for a new venue. One of the regular’s, Dave, had a church thing so we switched it to Saturday and thus we actually got to do it on my birthday. But 2 families in the group couldn’t make it, so I went with them on Sunday, continuing the tradition. We went to Cheesecake Factory at the Galleria and I ordered lemon-ricotta pancakes with some extra ricotta on the top. Yum!

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