Milo patiently waiting for our vet to come give him a lepto shot. Clearly also overdue for a haircut.


Milo communicates by looking at the thing he wants, holding his gaze there for a few seconds, then he makes eye contact with me and gives me a prolonged look. If I don’t respond, then he looks at the object again and repeats the stare down.

Clearly, he was ready to leave after he got his shot and showed me by staring at the doorknob.


We had to wait for his stool sample results, so he gave up on the door and let me grab this shot.

If you haven’t heard of lepto before and your dog regularly spends time on sidewalks or dog parks where other dogs are going potty, call your vet and ask if lepto is a concern in your area. Prevalence of lepto is county by county…and it IS an issue in the St. Louis area.

If you need a good vet in St. Louis in West County, give Mike Finkel at Village Animal Clinic a call. He’s my cousin and is fabulous.

How does your dog do at the vet’s office?