I know this is called Wordless Wednesdays, but since this is my first one, I wanted to share why I’m starting this new weekly series (gulp…I’m really bad at doing anything over and over and over).

When I first adopted Milo, I posted tons of pictures on Facebook. So many people told me they loved seeing the pictures.

Then I got involved in Gateway Pet Guardians and fostering dogs, and I started posting about my foster dogs and dogs that need forever homes.

I just signed up for a new blogger community, Blog Paws.

Blog Paws is a way for pet bloggers to connect with each other and get connected with brands who want to work with them. I was exploring the site tonight and stumbled on the weekly Wordless Wednesday feature. It made me realize that I haven’t taken as many pictures of Milo as I initially did. And I definitely haven’t been sharing them online.

So…starting today, stop by every Wednesday to see pictures and possibly videos of Milo and my foster dogs. If you’ve ever met me in person, you know that “wordless” is something I’ll never be able to do. But I will limit my comments to a short caption.

I promise.

Milo in boots

Milo in boots. Not a fan. Please take me back inside. Please.

Walking in shoes is harder than it looks.

It’s hard to focus on business when you have things stuck on your feet.

Have you ever put your dog in boots?