Wordless Wed - junk mail

I should know better than to leave the house with mail sitting on a chair. Milo loves tearing up paper.

It was junk mail, so I didn’t really mind.

Wordless Wed - spilled paint

Paint, on the other hand, is not as easy to clean up.

Again, this was my fault. I knew my foster dog Teddy had a habit of carrying the plastic dog bowls into the living room and chewing on them. Why should I have thought the leftover paint in a plastic carton sitting by the front door would be ignored?

It could have been a LOT worse. There wasn’t a single paw print of paint anywhere and not a speck of paint on Teddy. It takes skill to do what he did without getting any paint on his face.

Wordless Wed - Teddy sleeping

Teddy discovering sleeping in the bedroom is better than alone downstairs

How can you get mad when they look this cute.

Wordless Wed - Milo on bed

Milo absolutely exhausted after welcoming Teddy home

They both were sent away for a few days while I was sick, but Milo came home first. He was so tired after spending a few hours with Teddy that he just collapsed at bedtime.