Last week I told you about my visit to Kansas City. On the way back, we made an overnight stop in Fulton, MO.

Yes, KC is only a 4 hour drive from St. Louis and we could have easily done the trip in one stretch.

And I know that Fulton, MO doesn’t set your mouth watering for your next vacation.

But I’m a believer that travel doesn’t always mean you have to go far from home or spend a lot of money. While I wouldn’t want to spend a week in Fulton, it was a great spot to spend a day.

Loganberry Inn:

Loganberry Inn Bed & Breakfast

Ever since I stayed at my first (and only) Bed & Breakfast, I’ve wanted to do it again.

The Loganberry Inn in Fulton was everything I always imagined a B&B would be.

The welcoming front porch begs you to step inside this historic home. The owners Cathy and Karl were as nice as could be, while not being intrusive at all. They even had a cute little dog, Logan, who made you feel right at home.

Garden Room

Typical of B&Bs, every room in the house is different. We stayed in the Garden Room in the lower level. Because it was in the basement rather than one of the original bedrooms, it has the biggest bedroom and bathroom in the house. It also was the only room that had 2 recliners for movie watching plus a king size bed and a gas fireplace. This room even has a private entrance.

We had a chance to peak into all of the other rooms except for one before the other guests checked in. I would definitely recommend the Garden Room if you decide to stay at the Loganberry Inn.

The other things I liked about this B&B are:

  • walking distance to historic downtown which included shops, restaurants and bars
  • walking distance to the National Churchill Museum
  • large selection of movies
  • premium coffee and tea options in our room
  • tasty community breakfast served in the dining room

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Food & Drink:

We arrived in Fulton in late afternoon and headed out by late morning. During our stay, we had drinks, dinner and our Loganberry Inn breakfast.

Post Office Bar & Grill:

After settling into the Loganberry Inn, we took a walk downtown. Too late to get into the shops but too early for dinner, we stumbled upon the Post Office Bar & Grill. This old post turned bar was a nice place to enjoy a cold beer and until we were ready for dinner.


After a couple of beers, we walked over to Bek’s with high hopes. When we asked about dinner at the Loganberry, the owner Cathy pulled out menus for the 3 places in town with “real chefs”. We didn’t look at the menus but Bek’s was the only one in walking distance so when we walked by it, we figured we were set.

National Churchill Museum:

Berlin Wall at National Churchill Museum

Museums aren’t really my favorite thing to do, so I was pleasantly surprised that the National Churchill Museum held my attention. The displays just suck you in as you wander from room to room learning the story of Winston Churchill’s life and his impact on history.

Outside is a piece of the Berlin Wall. Completely covered in graffiti on one said. Plain concrete on the other.

I love architecture and really old buildings fascinate me.

The museum is housed within the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury.

Twice destroyed by fire, the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, located at the corner of Westminster Avenue and 7th Street, is part of the National Churchill Museum. Dating from the 12th century, it was redesigned by Sir Christopher Wren in 1677 after the Great Fire of London. Left in ruins by World War II, the architectural masterpiece was saved from demolition. The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury was reconstructed and restored on the Westminster College campus in the 1960s.

The museum tells the story about how each stone was carefully labeled and then shipped across the ocean for reassembly in Fulton, MO. Apparently someone really messed up, and all of the stones got mixed up…so they had to lay them out and then sort it out like a massive jigsaw puzzle.

This old church reminded me off the churches I visited on my trip to London last year. I loved the individual kneeling pads covered in classic English designs.

The Verdict:

I am really glad that I got a chance to spend a day (and night) in Fulton. The Loganberry Inn was really the highlight for me.

If I would do anything differently, it would be to arrive earlier on Saturday or spend a Friday night instead of a Saturday. There are a number of old fashioned stores in town and a classic soda fountain inside the drug store, but they are all closed on Sundays.

I could also see using Fulton as a home base for visiting some of the nearby wineries.

History buffs who live in St. Louis or Kansas City really should plan a trip here. You won’t regret it.