Last month, I headed to my haircut appointment with no plans to make any changes. I’ve been getting the same cut for a while, though the color has changed a few times.

For years I wore it blond. Then in 2005 I decided to go auburn, but it really came out dark brown the first time. Each time I went back I asked Shawn to make it more red, and we finally got it to a shade that I love.

Karen’s Evolving Hair Color:

Y2K New Year's eve 12-31-99

December 31, 1999
Karen - Cathy's house

December 28, 2000

Yes, I wore the same dress in both of these pictures!
Karen - new hair closeup 8-4-05

August 4, 2005

My first attempt at red…came out more dark brown to my surprise.

Me - closeup at Balloon Glow 9-06

September 18, 2006

A variation of this color stuck with me for a bunch of years.

Karen - Winery trip close up 7-07 sml file

July 11, 2009

Close up with tree 8-9-08 - small file

November 15, 2009

Open house pics - Oct 2011October 29, 2010

Accidentally went too brown this time.

The V Haircut:

As I mentioned early, the last time I went to see Shawn, the owner of Shawn Williams Salon, I planned to just get a trim and color.

But something happened. As I stared at myself in the mirror while he was mixing up the color, I realized I was bored with my haircut. The pictures above show how it really hasn’t changed much over the years.

So when he returned with the color, I told him I wanted a new style, and asked him what he would do if I said he could do anything. I gave him just 2 restrictions. It couldn’t be too short…since I didn’t think I could pull off a short haircut. And it needed to be really easy to style.

Karen with The V haircut

Well, I obviously gave in on the not too short requirement.

Shawn gave me a long variation of The V haircut. I was nervous, but figured the worse that could happen is I would hate it and let it grow back out.

I’m so glad I let Shawn do what he wanted.

I absolutely love it.

Sometimes you just have to trust the professionals in your life that they know what they are doing.