Most people who adopt rescued stray dogs have no idea why they look the way they do.

The people adopting my foster puppies are lucky. They get to see several generations (at least on the female side).

PJ with Gateway Pet Guardians has been feeding the strays of East St. Louis every day since 2001. She knows all of the dogs living on the streets. We rescue as many as we can, but some just allude capture. And unfortunately, they often have puppies who also end up living on the streets. And these puppies grow up to have more puppies.

PJ knows where my pups came from…

  • Eden had Eve
  • Eve had Alyssa
  • Alyssa had my pups


EveEve is Eden’s pup

AdamAdam hung out a lot with Eve

AlyssaAlyssa is Eve’s pup…Adam is probably dad but not positive

Sylvie - pro picSylvie is Alyssa’s pup…the only one of the litter that looks more like Eve and Eden. She does have Alyssa’s ears.

Jojo rescue puppy 2

Jojo is also Alyssa’s pup…same litter as Sylvie. Yes, this is why I’m pretty sure that Adam is Alyssa’s dad.

Interested in helping?

Gateway Pet Guardians is always looking for volunteer foster parents. In the next 2 weeks, we will need foster parents for 26 puppies just weaned! If you live in the St. Louis metro area and would like to help, apply to become a foster parent!

Can’t foster?

Getting all of these puppies medical care costs money. Please consider making a donation to support our efforts to save the dogs of East St. Louis.

Photo Credits: All pictures except for Jojo’s pic (which I took), provided by Gateway Pet Guardians. Darkwood Studio pictures taken by David Carlyon.