Given the news lately, it’s inevitable that people will start stocking up on things that they use up regularly.

Since people recently lived through store shelves being empty due to COVID fears, I wouldn’t be surprised it if will happen again. I just bought another toilet paper box for my vacation rental…I really can’t run out for guests! I also bought a jumbo box of dog treats (Milkbones) since the vacation rental is dog friendly, and dishwasher soap pods (I’m almost out).

While I’m NOT advocating hoarding, I AM suggesting that you should purchase enough to get you through a couple of months just in case the store shelves stay empty over the winter.

Last time around I found I did best purchasing items at places that might surprise you. I did best at a Family Dollar and Big Lots near my home, since they had less traffic than the big grocery and discount stores.

Amazon also sold out of a lot of items since people wanted purchases shipped.

Why I am Selling on eBay:

My income was disrupted by 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic.

I made some changes that I’ll go into later, but one of the changes was starting up an eBay business. I’m just getting started, but I totally believe in excellent customer service. I am a multi-year FIVE Star Award real estate agent (who has been selling since 2001). I also have a new AirBNB listed in May 2020 for the first time, that is already earned me a SuperHost status.

So don’t worry about buying from me. I price my items to be competitive with other eBay sellers once shipping is factored in. Which means you pay for shipping, but I’m listed cheaper than someone offering FREE shipping.

I do next day shipping and offer FREE 60 day returns if you aren’t satisfied. That means I pay for return shipping if you want to return an item.

Buy via eBay:

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