Karen Goodman - St. Louis 5 Star Real Estate AgentFor those of you have haven’t popped over to my Meet Karen page, you might not realize that I’m a real estate agent. I started as a buyer’s agent working with people moving to St. Louis due to a job. After 6 years, I changed companies and began working with more local buyers, and also started working for sellers.

Fast forward 6 more years and I’ve shifted my focus to high-tech marketing for sellers. I rarely lead the search for buyers anymore. Instead, I play matchmaker…connecting people who want to buy a home to the best possible agent for them.

It’s critically important to me that every client gets the best possible service. I work hard to get the most possible money for my clients. I analyze the real estate market to price their homes appropriately. I hold their hands through the process of prepping a house for sale. I keep them informed every step of the way, and my clients and I make decisions together.

Apparently, my clients like my approach. They have followed me as I’ve changed brokerages twice. They call me back when they are ready to move and refer their friends to me.

They also fill out the surveys that get sent to them for the FIVE STAR Professional Real Estate Agent Award program. They have taken the time to nominate me year after year.

Their nominations have resulted in me being a 7 year winner of the FIVE STAR Real Estate Agent Award, a program which began 8 years ago.

For 2013, I’m 1 of just 53 agents out of 17,000 who are 7 year winners. With a maximum of 7% of area agents named as winners each year…there just aren’t many of us who win year after year. Do the math…less than 1% of the area agents who won this year are 7 year winners.

I work hard and deserve this award. But I’m still humbled when I think about all of the people who have taken the time from their busy days to fill out the survey to nominate me.

To every one of them, I owe them a huge thank you.

If you know anyone in the St. Louis region looking to sell their home, or someone anywhere who needs to connect with a great buyer’s agent, please pass on my name. I promise to take good care of them.