On the Road to Vegas…with Dogs!

After a crazy week of real estate work in preparation of leaving town for 2 weeks, we finally hit the road yesterday morning.

My dog Milo and I are going to the Blog Paws Conference in Las Vegas next week, and my Mom and her dog Lexi decided to join us for the road trip.

Yesterday was our longest driving day. We left St. Louis and made it to Elk City, OK in about 11 hours with a few food, gas and dog potty stops.

See a full size version of the map

I created a Google map to keep track of everywhere we stop. I’ll be adding to it every night.

On the Road to Vegas…with Dogs!

We set up the backseat with a crate filled with dog beds and blankets for the dogs.

Most of the time…only one was in the crate and the other one found someplace else to lay.

On the Road to Vegas…with Dogs!

On the Road to Vegas…with Dogs!

On the Road to Vegas…with Dogs!

Eventually…the figured out they could snuggle together comfortably.

On the Road to Vegas…with Dogs!

Elk City, OK:

On the Road to Vegas…with Dogs!

We decided to stay in the almost brand new La Quinta for our first hotel.

I’m glad we did. We had considered staying at the Motel 6, but it pretty bad reviews about being dirty and really noisy.

Last night was the first time both Milo and Lexi stayed in a hotel. The rules say that you can’t leave the dogs alone in the hotel room, but the front desk guy hinted that people do it for short periods. Since there isn’t a single place to eat in Elk City that has patio seating where we could take the dogs, we decided to sneak out for a quick dinner.

That didn’t work.

As soon as we closed the door they started whining. We waited in the hall for a few minutes, and rather than settling down, they got louder and louder as time passed. Then Milo started howling.

Guess who joined us for dinner!

We ended doing the drive through at Braums and then taking our ice cream dinner to a park. It worked out ok since neither of us were really very hungry and the dogs didn’t want to be left alone.

We’re hoping that they get used to the night noises in hotels. Last night they were up and barking at hallway noises about every hour. I have a feeling we will sleep well tonight.

Next up…Sante Fe, New Mexico.

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