Nowadays, all it takes to come up with new recipe ideas for dinner is turning on your computer.

You can find recipes all over the internet. They are on recipes sites, blogger sites (including this one) and Pinterest.

Most of the time I am thrilled with the recipes I try. I’m pretty good at knowing what ingredients I like and predicting whether the recipe is one worth my time and grocery budget.

But sometimes I’m wrong.

Recently I saw 2 recipes on Pinterest that intrigued me enough to try making chicken with jelly. The recipes I found were for Raspberry JalapeƱo Glazed Chicken and Raspberry Chicken.

I don’t actually like raspberries, but I still wanted to give it a try. I decided to try it with my black raspberry preserves and fig jam to see which I liked better.

Chicken with jelly - jelly

Black raspberry jelly (or preserves) is my very favorite jelly. When I was a kid my mom bought the Smuckers brand, but I rarely can find it in the stores where I shop so I’ll get any brand I can find. It is a deep eggplant purple color and doesn’t taste like blackberries or raspberries. I’ve never tried black raspberries…but will if I ever stumble on them because this jelly is just amazing.

I’m a big fan of figs too and picked up this fig jam at the local international grocery store. If you like fig newton cookies, you’ll like dried figs. I don’t really like the jam so much on things you normally use with jelly…like toast or PBJ, but it is very good when used in recipes. Well, most of the time.

Chicken with jelly prep

The recipe I followed was simple. You sprinkle your chicken in salt and pepper and then cover it with jelly before baking.

Chicken with jelly on top

Chicken with jelly baked

I know. These pictures are terrible. If the chicken had actually tasted good I would have had to make it again so I could get decent pictures to post with the recipe.

Chicken with jelly with rice

I really wish I liked this recipe. It was so easy.

But the flavor of the jelly didn’t get absorbed into the chicken. While it wasn’t so bad that I had to toss it out, I would never waste good chicken on this recipe again.

Have you had any big cooking failures from recipes you found online?