Where to live in the world

I’ve been thinking more about the idea of moving overseas again. I don’t really want to wait 20 years until I’m ready to retire. I want to do it soon.

But one of the biggest challenges is that I don’t know where I would want to live.

I simply haven’t traveled enough to find the best place in the world for me.

I actually really like the idea of trying out a few places. Living in a place for 3-6 months and then moving on to someplace new if I don’t love it. I’m on the lookout for someone willing to go with me, so if you have any interest, definitely let me know.

Back to my problem.

Where would I go if I could go tomorrow?

I don’t really know.

I’m leaning towards Latin America since I know a little Spanish and I’d prefer a warm climate.

Here’s my wish list for my future international home.

  1. Beachfront town
  2. Small enough that it isn’t a major tourist destination and has a community feel
  3. Expat community that is welcoming to newcomers
  4. Affordable housing that is near the center of town so I can walk or bike places
  5. Great climate – not blistering hot!
  6. Not a mosquito or sand flea haven…scratching all the time is just no fun!
  7. English is spoken enough that you can get buy without being fluent in another language
  8. Low cost of living
  9. Dog friendly – Milo would have to come with me!

Any ideas for me?

I LOVED San Pedro, Belize, and it’s a contender. My only issues there are that the mosquitos are horrible and it was a bit hotter than I would prefer.

Quiz: Find the Perfect Place to Live Overseas

Late last night I started thinking about my dreams of moving to an international location and did a Google search to see where single women live as expats. I ended up surfing the website International Living for a couple of hours and stumbled on a quiz to tell you the best country for you to live in the world.

There were a couple of questions that I could answer more than one way, so I took the quiz a few times.

The results….


Panama_mapPhoto Credit

Panama City Panama City at Night
Photo Credit


Photo Credit

Uruguay beach - flickr

Punta del Este, Uruguay
Photo Credit

I need to research both more, but the initial descriptions really do sound good.

Take the Quiz

Share with me where it says you should live in the comments below.