Update 10/25/13:

All of the baby puppies listed here have now been adopted, but there are still 4 older pups at the end of the list that need homes. Adopting a puppy that is 5-8 months old, as these puppies are, has some real advantages. You can get a feel for the dog’s personality, see how big they are likely to get and they are often house trained and know many commands. 

17 puppies for adoption in St. Louis

Gateway Pet Guardians has 32 17 puppies that need forever homes.

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt a puppy in the St. Louis region, please take a look at these adorable pups. All were rescued off the streets of East St. Louis or saved from the euthanasia list at St. Clair Animal Control.

We’ve had so many new puppies all at once that we haven’t gotten them all onto PetFinder and Adopt-A-Pet yet. If you see one that you like, go ahead and fill out an application here and we’ll get you in touch with the foster parent to get you more information. No strings attached at this point, but filling out the application keeps you from missing out because someone else put in an application while you were still waiting for information.

When we rescue a litter, it’s easier to keep track of the siblings when we come up with a theme to name them. Our latest litters were named after Las Vegas Casinos, spices and famous prisons (since they were found on the grounds of an old prison).

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Casino Puppies:

Our feeding team was keeping an eye on a pregnant stray, who we named Sabine. Sabine had her puppies in a brush pile and was taking good care of them. The puppies were too young to be separated from their mother, so our feeding volunteers were providing food and monitoring their situation since it’s often hard to trap the mother at the same time we rescue the puppies, and newborn puppies need to stay with their mother for at least a month.

Unfortunately, Sabine was killed in a street dog fight, probably while protecting her babies from the other dogs. The next morning an emergency rescue took place since these tiny babies wouldn’t survive on their own. All are now doing well in foster homes and are ready to meet their forever families.

They are about 6 weeks old now and will be ready to go to their adoptive homes as soon as they get spayed/neutered and the rest of their immunizations.

See pictures of Sabine and the puppy rescue…

We are guessing all are either husky/terrier mixes or spaniel/terrier mixes.

Wynn - female

Wynn (female) ADOPTED!!!

Aria - female

Aria (female) ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy - Cosmo

Cosmo (female) ADOPTED!!!

Puppy - Riviera

Riviera (female) ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy - Luxor

Luxor (male) ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy - Mandalay

Mandalay (female) ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy -  Caesar

Caesar (male) ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy - Bellagio

Bellagio (male) ADOPTED!!!

Spice Puppies:

The spice puppies are a mix of two litters that were rescued from the streets of East St. Louis on September 21. Suki is the mother of one litter, and her daughter, Buki, is the mother of the other litter. We aren’t sure which puppies go to with mother, so we’re treating them all as one big litter!

Strays with puppies - Suki and Buki

Suki and Buki are ready to be rescued too…as soon as we have foster homes lined up for both of them

There are 14 spice puppies. All that appear to be German Shepard mixes. Two are already claimed for adoption…but there are still plenty left to choose from!

We are guessing they are about 5-6 weeks old now.

See the pictures of the Spice Puppies rescue…

The Boys:

Adoptable puppy (male) - Oregano

Oregano ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy (male) - Dill


Adoptable puppy (male) - Cinnamon

Cinnamon ADOPTED!!!

Chili - male

Chili ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy (male) - Basil

Basil ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy (male) - Curry

Curry ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy (male) - Sage


Adoptable puppy (male) - Clove

Clove ADOPTED!!!

The Girls:

Poppy - female

Poppy ADOPTED!!!

Cayenne - female

Cayenne ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy (female) - Nutmeg

Nutmeg ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy (female) - Cilantro

Cilantro ADOPTED!!!

Prison Puppies:

These puppies were living on the grounds of an old prison in East St. Louis. They were rescued September 1 and are now about 9 weeks old. They are almost ready to go to their forever homes!

See more pictures of the prison puppies and adult dogs…

Adoptable puppy - Folsom

Folsom (male) – Jack Russell/Cattle dog mix ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy - Rikers

Rikers (female) – Cattle dog mix ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy  - Sing Sing

Sing Sing (female) – Jack Russell/Cattle dog mix ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy - Joliet

Joliet (female) – Cattle dog mix ADOPTED!!!

One of a Kind Puppies:

These puppies were either rescued off the streets by themselves or were saved from St. Clair County Animal Control’s euthanasia list. All are ready to find their forever families too!

Adoptable puppy - Jade

Jade – Shepard Mix female, 7 weeks old (the other dog is not related) ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy - Cajun

Cajun – Lab/Shepard Mix male, 13 weeks old ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy - Cash

Cash – Golden Retriever Mix male, 6 months old ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy -- Tucker

Tucker – American Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull Terrier Mix male, 13 weeks old ADOPTED!!!

Adoptable puppy - Judge

Judge – Fox Terrier Mix male, 5 months old


Ruby, Lab/Terrier Mix female, 6 months old


Huntington – German Shepherd Mix male, 6-7 months

Adoptable puppy - Slammer

Slammer – Fox Terrier/Rat Terrier Mix male, 8 months old

All ages are approximate and breeds are an uncertainty..it’s always a guess when you are dealing with strays!