Pinterest food

Ok, I have to admit that I haven’t tried any of these Pinterest recipes yet.

I don’t eat a lot of desserts and since I live alone, I have to eat whatever I make. No one is helping me finish off the plate of brownies. As a result, I don’t try a lot of dessert recipes.

But when I find myself surfing Pinterest, I totally get sucked in to the dessert pictures. If I click through and the recipe seems easy enough, I save it for some future event. You can count on me trying these 3 dessert recipes the next time I’m invited to a potluck.

Mini Pumpkin Pies:

Pinterest mini pumpkin pies


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This recipe actually is for Mini Lemon Tartlets, but the comment on the pin was to use pumpkin pie filling and make mini pumpkin pies.

Banana Bread Brownies:

Pinterest Banana Bread Brownies


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This sounds fabulous! I love banana bread, and think a brownie version would be great.

Cheesecake Sugar Cookie Bars:

Pinterest Cheesecake Sugar Cookie bars


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Sugar cookies are another favorite of mine. I’ve never had them combined with cheesecake, but it sounds like a winning combination.

Click on the Photo Credit links to go to the original recipe, or on the pictures to see them on Pinterest.