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If you love pies but haven’t had a lot of success with homemade pie crusts, you’ve still got time to try out some new recipes before your holiday guests arrive.

I scoured the internet and found 10 recipes that should cover everyone’s needs. Whether you prefer traditional pie crusts, or follow a gluten free or paleo diet, there is a pie crust for you.

10 Unique Pie Crusts:

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10 Unique Pie Crust Recipes - Future ExpatUltimate Pie Crust Guide – Handle the Heat

If you are looking for a traditional flaky pie crust but you simply haven’t found a great recipe yet, Handle the Heat’s pie crust comparison is just what you need. Not only do you get 6 recipes you can try, but the writer shares the positives and negatives of each variation.

10 Unique Pie Crust Recipes - Future ExpatCauliflower Crust – Of the Hearth

Let me first qualify that this cauliflower pie crust was paired with a savory quiche instead of a sweet desert. That said, it’s a great option for people on diets who avoid grains. I pinned this recipe a while ago onto my Pinterest pantry board, and it’s been a huge hit.

If you try it, I’d love to hear in the comments below how it turns out.

10 Unique Pie Crust Recipes - Future ExpatCoconut Oil Crust – Call Me PMC

I recently received a big jar of coconut oil as a Klout perk. I haven’t opened it yet, but when I saw this recipe I had to include it in this pie crust collection.

10 Unique Pie Crust Recipes - Future ExpatCoconut Crust – Premeditated Leftovers

While I’m not a huge fan of coconut, I know a lot of people love it. If you are one of those people and follow a paleo or gluten-free diet, this coconut pie crust could be your solution.

10 Unique Pie Crust Recipes - Future ExpatChocolate Crust – Simply Scratch

Who doesn’t love a chocolate pie crust? This recipe takes a fairly traditional flaky crust and adds cocoa to turn it chocolate. I think this would be amazing with a banana cream pie!

10 Unique Pie Crust Recipes - Future ExpatOat Crumble Crust – Serious Eats

I am a huge fan of oatmeal, so when I saw this pie crust that resembles a graham cracker crust but uses oatmeal instead, I new it was one I’ll need to try.

10 Unique Pie Crust Recipes - Future ExpatGraham Cracker Crust – Crazy for Crust

Speaking of graham cracker pie crusts…I just love them. This blogger shares two versions, both bake and non-bake versions. It looks so easy there is no reason to ever buy a store bought graham cracker crust again.

10 Unique Pie Crust Recipes - Future ExpatWhole Wheat Pie Crust – Heavenly Homemakers

I’ve been doing a lot of baking in the last few years with whole wheat flour, so it’s natural I would want to try it in a pie crust.

Have you every had a whole wheat pie crust?

10 Unique Pie Crust Recipes - Future ExpatPaleo Pecan Pie Crust – Elana’s Pantry

I don’t follow a paleo diet, but I love pecans (and walnuts). This crust looks like a great alternative to a flaky style pie crust.

10 Unique Pie Crust Recipes - Future ExpatCinnamon Roll Pie Crust – Tablespoon

I’m including this pie crust as more of a concept than as the actual recipe. If you have spent much time reading here, you’ll know that I try hard to avoid processed food as ingredients in my cooking. If I’m going to cook from scratch, I don’t see any reason to start with a cake mix.

While this recipe does use a store bought refrigerated crust, I see no reason why you can’t do this with any traditional flaky pie crust. I think it would be fabulous with apple pie.

What filling would you put in a cinnamon roll crust?

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Do you have a favorite pie crust recipe?