dog, wet, towel, bath

Milo had a bath the day before I adopted him (December 28) and again about a week later when I took him to a groomer. After about 6 weeks, he definitely had that doggy smell and I knew it was time for a bath.

Today was a snow day and we were hanging at home, so I decided it was time to see how he would handle a bath.

He did great.

He tried to climb out of the tub just once, then completely gave in and just stood there as I poured warm water over him from a cup. I used my coconut scented dog shampoo to lather him up, giving him a couple of treats along the way since I kept stopping to take pictures and he wasn’t so thrilled with the delays.

dog, wet, bath, sitting, black

dog, black, wet, bath, sitting

wet, dog, black, bath, bathtub

After the bath, I wrapped him up in 2 towels to get him warm and as dry as I could. He fluffed up pretty quickly, then wanted out of that bathroom!

dog, wet, bath, black, sitting

dog, black, bathroom, door, bathA couple of shakes later, he was all fluffy and ready to play.

Milo, dog, black, clean, bath, fluffy

dog, black, knog, toy, food, paw Milo trying to get a treat out of his KONG Dog Toy

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