One of the things I included in my Lifestyle Goals for 2012 was to make sure I made time for friends.

I sometimes get really busy and go for months without talking to my friends…let alone scheduling time to see them. It’s easier with my social media friends. I can check in with them daily on the internet.

One of the things I love about twitter is that there is a culture of really trying to get to know people you’ve met online and in making new connections. One way that it happens is by attending tweetups.

A tweetup is basically an open event where twitter users get together in real life to get to know each other. I’ve planned breakfast, BBQ and photo shoot tweetups. I’ve attended tweetups where people shared lunch, drinks or dinner, or went to see live music.

Whenever I go to a tweetup, I see people who have become good friends, get to know others better and usually meet a few new people too.

Since my goal this year is to make sure I see at least one friend a week along with regularly attending networking events to make new connections, I was thrilled to find out about 2 tweetups next week.

If you are interested in meeting some new people, join me in attending one of these events. You don’t have to be on twitter to attend a tweetup. Everyone is welcome!

St. Louis Coffee Tweetup:

Date:  January 18, 2012
Time:  5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Location: Kayak’s Coffee (owned by Kaldi’s Coffee)
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I’m excited because Kayak’s is one of my favorite coffee house/cafes where you can go for good food, good coffee and free WiFi. This is a place where you can go with friends or by yourself. You’ll never look out of place here reading a book or working on a laptop. My kind of place.

According to Kevin Dern, organizer of this tweetup, Kayak’s is going to reserve some tables for us since they get packed with Wash U students, professors and nearby residents. They may even have some special coffee brews for us to sample.

Questions…contact Kevin by clicking on the link to his name or on twitter @kdern.

Urban Eats Tweetup:

Date:  January 20, 2012
Time:  6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location: Urban Eats
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I’ve never actually been to Urban Eats, but it’s been on my list of places I want to try. Thank you Timothy Hunt, organizer of this tweetup, for giving me a reason to head to the city and give it a go next Friday.

I love talking to Timothy. His British accent makes my want to go back to England every time I see him. And he’s just a good guy too.

Questions…contact Timothy by clicking on the link to sign up or on twitter @timotab.