In the last few months, I’ve fostered a bunch of dogs…all who have found wonderful forever homes. Except for Stella. She’s been with me for about 6 weeks now and I’m still looking for a home for her.

I know that isn’t a terribly long time. Many rescue dogs are in foster care for months or even years before finding the right home. But most of my dogs get adopted in 2-4 weeks, and the longer they are with me, the harder it is on them (and me) when it’s time for them to go.

Help Find Stella the Toy Poodle a Forever Home | Future Expat

I put together a little video to share her story.

Stella needs a home with at least one other small to medium sized dog in the St. Louis area. If you know anyone who would be a good fit, please share this video.

Apply to adopt Stella