St. Louis Dog Pool Party - Future Expat

St. Louis really loves their dogs, so it’s not surprising that so many of our municipal pools have end of summer doggie pool parties.

All of the parties are pretty much the same. You pay a small fee for each dog and their person, with proceeds usually going to a animal charity. The dogs get to romp through the water and pool deck. Some pool parties let people wade into the water with their dogs, some don’t. Some allow children and some require you to keep your dog leashed when not in the water. They all require you bring proof that your dog is up-to-date on shots.

I put together a list of all of the local pool parties on Arch City Homes, my St. Louis website. After looking at all of the options, I decided to try my first dog pool party at the Kirkwood Aquatic Center. I picked this event over the others for 3 reasons:

  • Kirkwood is just a short drive from where I live
  • this pool has a shallow wading area which non-water loving Milo could walk in and out of easily
  • the first 30 minutes was small dogs only

It was a great choice and I will definitely go back next year.

Milo had the most fun when he was running around the paved areas acting like we were in a big dog park that just happened to have this big wet thing in the middle to avoid. He did tolerate our excursions into the water a few times and even showed me that he knows how to swim without a life jacket on.

If you live in the St. Louis area, there are still a bunch of dog pool parties you can attend this year. 

  • Saturday Sept 6 – Arnold, Bridgeton, Ellisville, Manchester, Maplewood, O’Fallon (MO) and Sunset Hills
  • Sunday Sept 7 – Manchester
  • Saturday Sept 13 – University City
  • Sunday Sept 14 – University City

See the full dog pool party schedule for St. Louis…

Have you ever been to a dog pool party?