How to make your cupcakes look store bought

Anyone who has watched any food reality TV shows knows that presentation is just as important as how the food tastes since we first taste with our eyes before our mouth.

This couldn’t be more true with cupcakes.

Great vs Plain Cupcake Presentation:

A quick search on Pinterest pulled up hundreds of cupcake pins. Most looks amazing, but you really see the range of great presentation to boring design.

When I was a kid, most cupcakes were in a plain white paper liner with a thin coating of icing on the top. Maybe some sprinkles. It’s the way all the moms made cupcakes and what everyone expected. But today, there are fancy cupcake shops everywhere and they have raised the bar on what we expect in a cupcake.

Take a look at some examples of cupcake presentation below.

Great Cupcake Presentation that Looks Store Bought:

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Plain Cupcake Presentation:

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Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making cupcakes that look like this second batch. They can taste just as good and are fine for family desserts.

But if you want to impress your guests or your draw attention to your blog’s cupcake recipes, you need just two things.

  • Fun cupcake liners
  • Pastry bags and icing tip kit

If you are a food blogger like me who wants to take appealing pictures for your recipe posts or a home baker who simply wants to put fabulous looking cupcakes on the dessert tray for the birthday party or Christmas, you should check out this deal just listed today on Pick Your Plum which will help you make cupcake masterpieces.

Cupcake liners by Sweetie PiesSweetie Pies cupcake liners
24 of each color at $2.99 for one color or $14.99 for all 5 colors

One thing I really like about these cupcake liners is that they stand by themselves, so you can put them on a cookie tray instead of using a muffin or cupcake baking pan. I think the only reason I don’t make cupcakes or muffins more often is that I HATE cleaning those pans! Plus, if you are making them for a crowd, most of us only have one or 2 muffin tins so that means making batch after batch. By using these baking cups, you can load up your regular cookie sheets and get a bunch of them in the oven all at once!

Pastry bag and tips kit

Frosting tips samplesTime to Frost It Pastry Bags and Jumbo Frosting Tips
Pastry bag and 4 tips for $6.99

I’ll be honest, if I bought this it would probably sit on a shelf and not get used. But I’m more of a muffin girl than a cupcake baker. But if I was going to make cupcakes, I think these tips would be the way to dress them up.


Supplies at Pick Your Plum are always limited and they will sell out probably within a week, so don’t delay if you want them or they may be gone. 

Disclosure: I have not personally used these products but they seem to have everything I would want if I was a cupcake baker. If you opt to click through any of my links to Pick Your Plum and order something, I will receive a small commission to help me support my blogging habit.