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Over the weekend, I watched a real estate webinar that reminded me the importance of having a mobile friendly email signature.

According to Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin, research shows revealed that U.S. consumers spend an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes a day on a smartphone or tablet. They also open 41% of emails on mobile devices. However, 58% of emails are not optimized for mobile devices.

Chris suggested that everyone needed an email signature that is clickable for people on mobile phones. His recommendation for gmail mobile email signatures is WiseStamp.

Before the webinar was even over, I opened a new tab on my browser and created a new email signature while continuing to listen to the webinar.

Wise Stamp signature


I LOVE this software.

WiseStamp offers a free version, which is what I used to create the signature above. They also have a premium account if you want more advanced features.

I downloaded the Chrome add-on, which was perfect since Chrome is my primary browser and the one I exclusively use to handle my Gmail account.

WiseStamp lets you create a personal and business signature. The premium account may let you create more. You can also set one of your signatures as your default Gmail signature.

I played with the preview screen quite a bit until I came up with my signature. I wanted phone numbers (which will be clickable on a cell phone) and my websites. I wanted my email address. I also wanted my social media icons, which will make it easier for people to connect with me on these sites.

And of course, I wanted my FIVE STAR award icon in the email signature since I make my living selling homes but I don’t want to be that pushy agent who brings up real estate with everyone I meet. My email signature does it for me.