I know it’s been a long time since I blogged on this site. I’ve gotten back into cooking after a busy spring and summer of real estate (my day job), and am newly motivated to share my discoveries.

In addition to posting my own recipes, I’m going to start sharing some of the recipes I find by other chefs and bloggers. All of the pictures I share will be mine, and every recipe will have a link so you can try it too. Just click on the recipe name or picture to see the original recipe. 

Let’s start with the recipes I really enjoyed this month (and remembered to snap a picture).

Caprese Stuffed Avocado

by Annacia

Caprese Stuffed AvocadosCaprese Stuffed Avocados

My Review:

Fabulous salad and so simple. I made a bed of large lettuce leaves, then ripped up the rest and put them around the avocado half. I just used a half avocado and made the balsamic reduction using vanilla fig balsamic. Yum!

Maple Balsamic Roasted Root Vegetables

by Cookgirl

Maple Balsamic Roast Root Vegetable

My Review:

I love roasted vegetables, but it was the sauce that really made this recipe shine. That balsamic maple butter mixture took it over the top. I’ve never tasted rutabaga before, and it was surprisingly good. And I love beets, but never have used yellow beets before. They were my favorite in this dish and will definitely use them in the future as they didn’t stain my hand, cutting board or turn everything in the dish red.

Parmesan and Basil Orzo

by Breezermom

Parmesan and Basil Orzo

My Review:

Great recipe. So easy and ends up with a risotto style texture. I was short on chicken stock, so used 1 cup white wine and 2 cups chicken stock. Worked perfectly.