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Last week, Milo and I moved into our new home and Alpo Wholesome Biscuits are helping him adjust.

Milo Settles into Our New Home with  Alpo Wholesome Dog Biscuit Review - Future Expat

I actually like moving.

I get bored with things, including homes, and enjoy transforming a dated house into a stylish home.

However, Milo has had a different experience with moving. Dogs don’t understand what is happening when they move. All they know is that their familiar place, and maybe the people too, are gone.

Milo spent his first 2 years on a farm overloaded with dogs (40 of them!). One day, he was loaded up into a cage in a van (probably the first time ever in a vehicle) and driven across the state. I can only imagine how scared he was.

When he was let out, everything was new. Including the people. He spent one month getting very attached to his foster mom, and then one day she took him to a pet store for an adoption event and a stranger (me) took him away. He never saw his home or foster mom again.

If you look at it from his point of view, moving is a pretty scary thing.

I know that he will adjust, but Milo is very sensitive. When I took him on a 2 week road trip last spring, he stopped eating and got extremely clingy.

So I really wasn’t surprised when he started showing signs of anxiety as I began packing for the move.

Alpo Wholesome Biscuits logo - Future Expat

Luckily, the Alpo Wholesome Biscuits I received for this review arrived just in time to ease the transition. I let him try out these tasty dog biscuits before the move, so he would have something to get excited about once we were in the new house.

Milo with Alpo Wholesome Biscuits collage

While Milo loves most treats, his favorites are big enough for him to bite in half and then crunch away for a few more bites. If treats are too small, he literally inhales them without getting to enjoy the flavor.

The brand new Alpo Wholesome Biscuits hit the stores last month and come in small, medium and large sizes so there is a perfect size for every dog.

The small size is just right for Milo. It is big enough to let him crunch away but not so big that it will add a ton of calories to his diet if he gets a couple every day. And they are healthy too. Each dog biscuit has 23 vitamins and minerals plus calcium for strong bones and teeth.

I snapped a little video of Milo trying out his new treats.

I was really glad that the Alpo dog biscuits came before the move, because I’ve been using them to help him settle in. I took this quick video the first morning in our new home.

The Alpo Wholesome Biscuit line is so new that it isn’t even listed on Alpo’s website yet, but you can pick them up at the grocery store or your favorite pet store on your next visit.

BONUS…Alpo’s new biscuits are so affordable that anyone can get them for their dog, even those of us on a tight budget. 

I’ve tried a LOT of different treats between what I get from rescue groups for my foster dogs and the samples I get as a blogger. The Alpo Wholesome Biscuits are treats that I’ll be spending my money on. I hope you’ll give them a try because I am confident you’ll like them as much as I do.