10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

I’m in the process of redoing the logo for this blog and my graphic designer suggested I take a look at the fonts available at DaFont.

Oh my…I have spent hours exploring the fonts on this website. There are so many to choose from and all are free for personal use. Some are also free for commercial use and others require you to go to the designers website to purchase a commercial license or make a donation.

Installing your new fonts is easy if you are on a current version of Mac OS. After you download the file, you simply double click on the font file with a .ttf extension. A popup will open with the option to install. Once you do that, you’re all set.

Instructions to install fonts on older Mac OS, Windows and Linux

To use the new fonts with your software (such as Word or Pages), close the software and relaunch it and the new fonts will show up in your font list.

Web Safe Fonts:

Keep in mind that if you use a font on your website or in a document which is not installed on the visitor’s machine, it will be replaced by the default font in that person’s browser.

Coffee Cup offers a great explanation of web safe fonts:


Web Safe Fonts - photo credit Coffee Cup

Image Credit: Coffee Cup

Those fonts that fall into that middle area, covered by both operating systems, are what we call web-safe fonts.If you use Calibri on your webpage, Mac users won’t see it; if you use Andale, Windows users won’t see it; but if you use Georgia, you can rest assured that users of both systems will see the it.

Now there’s a bit of grey area here. Users of older operating systems don’t have some of these fonts we’ve declared web-safe. For example, Windows XP users don’t have Palatino or Trebuchet MS. Even worse, users of Android mobile phones don’t have any of these fonts.

Read the entire web safe font article on Coffee Cup

The best way to use your new fonts is to create an image to insert in your website or documents. If you are using them for documents that you will be emailing to people, create a pdf version of the document to send to other people so the fonts don’t revert back to the default on the users screen.

10 Free Fun Fonts:

Here are some of my favorites that can add some variety to your writing and picture captions.

1. Pupcat
Designer – Typcodermic Fonts

10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

2. Esapcio
Designer – Mura Knockout Media + Design

10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

3. Give You Glory
Designer – Kimberly Geswein

10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

4. Inkies #2
Designer – Ingeborg Vriends

10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

5. Jenna Sue
Designer – Jenna Sue Design Co.

10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

6. Return to Sender
Designer – Tom Kolter
10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

7. Mcgannahan
Designer – Dog Star

10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

8. African
Designer – Allen R. Walden

10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

9. Riddle Upright
Designer – Mario Arturo

10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

10. Travel Diary
Designer – Siddharth Dasari

10 Fun Free Fonts - Future Expat

Which is your favorite?