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The avocado recipes are below…but first I wanted to share a change on Future Expat.

After 4 months of publishing the Required Ingredient Recipe Link Party as a way to feature recipes by other bloggers, the link party has been retired.

While the link party did work as a way to get more bloggers to pop over to my blog, it wasn’t as helpful to my readers as I hoped. Most of my regular readers see my articles shortly after they are published. They don’t come back weeks later to look at them again unless there was a good reason to bookmark the article.

It often took days for the other bloggers to post their recipes. My readers were probably disappointed (I would have been if I was a reader) when they clicked through on a post hoping to find a bunch of recipes for their favorite ingredient, and instead found a few featured recipes from a prior ingredient’s collection and instructions to bloggers about the rules for posting.

In addition, the recipes posted by the other bloggers were not always the type of recipes I want to promote. Many were recipes I would have never made.

My recipes almost always:

  • avoid processed foods as ingredients
  • avoid large quantities of unhealthy ingredients
  • are easy enough for a beginner cook
  • are more homestyle than gourmet

I’m a big believer in giving things a try. I tried running a link party. And now I’m trying something else that I hope will be better for you, my readers.

New Future Expat Feature ~ Recipe Roundups:

Moving forward, you’ll periodically find me sharing recipes I’ve found on other blogs and pinned to my Pinterest boards.

These recipes will be recipes that I would actually try…which means you’ll never find a recipe for a cake that starts with a cake mix.

Each Recipe Roundup will feature a single ingredient or theme. I hope you will bookmark or pin my Recipe Roundups so you can easily find your way back here when you are ready to start cooking.

Cooking with Avocados ~ 10 Easy Recipes:

I’m launching my new Recipe Roundup series with avocados. 

I know avocados are the latest rage in healthy foods…but I’ve been eating avocados for years. I love the smooth creamy texture and flavor.

In the past, I’ve mostly eaten avocado in salads and on sandwiches. I’m excited that the new health food trend means I’m discovering dozens of new avocado recipes.

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Find all of my latest avocado recipe discoveries on my avocado Pinterest board.

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Do you have a favorite avocado recipe?

Share it with us in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Avocado stock photo – Damian Gadal (flickr)