INFOGRAPHIC: How to Improve Your Website and Regain Your Google Traffic


I’ve been blogging since 2007.

My first website was Arch City Homes, and it was designed to get me hired by St. Louis real estate buyers and sellers. When I started getting good traffic to my site, I began using the website to market my real estate listings too.

It worked. I got hired by a lot of people and had great success at getting my listings sold.

But something changed. 

I started focusing more on building Future Expat (this website) and spending less time on Arch City Homes. I partnered with another agent to service buyers and sellers, and as our business partnership started having challenges in 2012, I got out of the habit of posting regularly on both of my blogs.

I went from posting constantly on Arch City Homes for 4 years to almost not at all. 

  • 2008 – 124 posts
  • 2009 – 117 posts
  • 2010 – 95 posts
  • 2011 – 123 posts
  • 2012 – 67 posts
  • 2013 – 42 posts

It is not surprising that my search engine traffic has plummeted. Google likes sites that are updated regularly. I know this. Even though I wasn’t doing it.

I really noticed the difference last summer. For the first time, my free summer concert post brought in significantly less traffic than the year before.

  • 2010 – 13,495 pageviews
  • 2011 – 17,779 pageviews
  • 2012 – 20,060 pageviews
  • 2013 – 5,197 pageviews


Why did my traffic crash so badly?

I believe it is a combination between me not posting regularly, waiting too long to switch my site to a responsive site and getting hit by Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.

I know I’m not the only one. While traffic is constantly increasing on this website (because I’m working it every week!), I haven’t yet tackled Arch City Homes.

It seems so overwhelming to get started. Thankfully, Real Geeks put together a roadmap to help me (and you) get back on track. While there are a few real estate references in this infographic, the information applies to all websites and blogs.

I hope you find it as helpful as I did.

How to Improve Your Site and Regain Your Competitive Edge
How to Improve Your Site and Regain Your Competitive Edge was created by Real Geeks Lead Generation Company.