Wordless Wednesday – Teddy Finally Jumps on the Bed

My current foster dog, Teddy, finally decided it was ok to jump on the bed this week.

Now when the end of the day rolls around, I turn off all of the lights and Teddy races up the stairs to the bedroom behind Milo. When I catch up with them, this is what I find.

brown dog in bed licking

brown dog and black dog in bed

He still prefers to sleep on the floor and hops off the bed within a minute of my turning off the light. But as soon as he realizes my eyes are open, he joins me again. And then patiently waits until I get up.

brown dog in bed on red cover

Teddy is definitely discovering how much better being a family pet is than living out on the cold streets.

If you live in the St. Louis area and want to make a difference in a street dog’s life, join me in fostering with Gateway Pet Guardians.

If you live somewhere else, I’m sure there are many pet rescue groups that need your help.