Odus the Foster Dog Needs a Home

After almost a year without fostering dogs, I jumped back into dog rescue with a new group, Senior Dogs 4 Seniors. I chose this group because they focus on small dogs and they don’t shy away from older dogs.

Senior Dogs for Seniors - Dog Rescue in St. Louis | Future Expat

It breaks my heart to hear of an 8 or 12 year old dog that has been a cherished member of someone’s family, only to end up in a shelter because something changed and no relatives or friends will take the dog.

This rescue group will save them even if there are some health issues. We not only rescue dogs from shelters and puppy mills, but we also take owner surrenders too.

Since I’ve been with the group, I’ve seen several dogs ages 10-13 get adopted. Some with health problems. I’m amazed and thankful that these dogs were blessed enough to find someone willing to love them in their final years. We all deserve that much.

While the mission of Senior Dogs 4 Seniors is to match older dogs with older adults, the group adopts dogs of all agents to people of all ages.

Meet Odus:

Odus is a playful 1 1/2 year old chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund mix) weighing 8 pounds.

I put together a short video showing some of my favorite pictures of Odus along with some action shots. I just think seeing a dog move and wiggle gives you a different sense of who they are and if they will fit into your family than pictures alone can do.

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I brought home Odus 6 weeks ago. It took about 3-4 days for Odus and Milo to stop growling at each other. I decided to give them a little time to work it out, and they did. Odus was trying to be the boss and was pretty growly with Milo, until one day Milo had enough. I heard a scuffle while they were in the yard and looked out concerned, only to find Odus on his back on the ground with Milo standing on top of him.

Odus the Foster Dog Needs a Home | Future Expat

From that point on they were buddies. Odus understood that Milo was mellow and usually didn’t care what happened. But he also clearly understood that Milo was the pack leader and called the shots.

It took about 10 days for Milo to get playful with Odus, but that was Milo’s hesitance, not Odus.

Odus the Foster Dog Needs a Home | Future Expat

Odus is house trained and will let you know when he needs to go out. He is crate trained (meaning he will easily go into his crate and be quiet while he is in it). But he can also be trusted out of his crate alone in the home. He rides quietly in the car in his crate, and is always ready to go for a walk.

Odus loves playing fetch and tug of war, and will drop toys in your lap to get you to play. When you have had enough, he can easily entertain himself.

He gets along with other dogs and loves running the fence with the neighbor dogs in the adjoining yards at his foster home.

Odus the Foster Dog Needs a Home | Future Expat

Odus can spend hours exploring in a fenced yard, even when there is snow on the ground. He loves being outside so much, that I really want him to go to a home with a fenced yard. Or someone who would take him regularly to a dog park or doggy day care. He just loves his off leash time so much and I would hate to deny him of it.

Odus becomes very attached to the regular people in his life, and is happiest when he can give them kisses or roll on his back for a belly rub. Odus is constantly trying to snuggle in close, dragging his toys onto your lap or taking a nap at your side. He absolutely loves women, and warms up to the men he sees regularly though he is scared of them at first. That said, he responds really well to treats so all his new dad needs to do is feed him a little and they will be best of friends.

Odus is also the perfect watch dog. He barks to let you known whenever there is a stranger nearby but settles down quickly. He knows the command sit and should easily learn more commands.

Odus is afraid of some children and doesn’t care for sharing his toys, so he needs a home without young children.

Senior Dogs 4 Seniors holds adoption events at the Kirkwood PetCo every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. This store is located on Lindbergh just north of I-44 in St. Louis. To confirm if Odus will be one of the many little dogs at PetCo, please leave me a comment below.