Pinterest Tool: Combining Multiple Photos into a Single Pin

Pinterest - multiple photos tool

Lately I’ve been pinning more images to Pinterest. Usually, I just use the Pin It bookmarklet that I’ve added to my browser toolbar.

Today I was looking for a Pinterest tool that would allow me to add text on top of the images without actually having to edit the photos. I stumbled on an article that lists 13 tools to make pinning easier, including one that does exactly what I wanted (the words on the image at the top of this page were added using Pinwords!)

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Creating a Pin with Multiple Images:

The article also introduced me to a few other tools that I definitely will be using. The one I have already tried out is Pin Them All.

This website lets you combine multiple images from a web page into a single image that you can pin to Pinterest. All you do is enter the website address, select the images you want, and then hit the Pin It button.

My only complaint with the site is that the resulting pin is linked to their website, not the original source. I’m happy to credit their site for helping me create the pin, but that is handled through the caption with their website address that is automatically created.

My solution is to create the pins using Pin Them All, then immediately open the pin on the Pinterest website and edit the website source.

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Here is a pin I’ve already created… Baked Whole Wheat Pancake Squares recipe (you really should try them!).

I have 2 other suggestions for Pin Them All if they end up reading this article.

  1. Let users rearrange the order of the pictures.
  2. Find a way to make pictures the same size by adding a cropping tool that overlays on each picture similar to the cropping square in Instagram.

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Do you have a favorite Pinterest tool?

Share it in the comments below.